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Best Cloud Storage Unlimited Online Drive Space Free ❤️

Best Cloud Storage Unlimited Online Drive Space Free ❤️
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Best Cloud Storage Unlimited Online Drive Space Free ❤️

MR JIM EU ORG : Best Cloud Storage Unlimited Online Drive Space Free : What is cloud storage? : Best Cloud Storage Unlimited Online Drive Space Free

What is cloud storage? : Cloud storage is a way to store online data instead of your local computer. It requires an internet connection to download, modify and share documents, presentations, calculation sheets, images, audio, video, etc. with others. オンライン ストレージ サービス プロバイダーは、PC のハード ドライブにデータを保存しません。. クラウド ストレージ ツールは、あらゆるデバイスからデータにアクセスするのに役立ちます.

Here, applications and free cloud storage tools, with popular features and latest download links. This list includes commercial software (paid) as well as open-source software (free) .

ファイルの保存だけでなく、Google ドライブの機能を理解する

For those of you who often use gadgets, or often do assignments online, of course you are already familiar with Google Drive . Google ドライブは、2012 年の発売以来広く使用されている Google の製品の 1 つです。.

Best Cloud Storage Unlimited Online Drive Space Free
Google ドライブは、ユーザーがオンラインでファイルを保存してアクセスできる無料のクラウドベースのストレージ サービスです。. This service syncs documents, photos and more that are stored on all of the user's devices, including mobile devices, tablets and PCs.

If you have an email account from Google, you automatically have Google Drive . You also get 15GB of free storage. This is where you can store the various files you need. Google アカウントがあれば、いつでもガジェットから開くことができます.

But, what does Google Drive itself do? What is the function of Google Drive only to save files only? To answer what Google Drive does, we explain in the following article.

What does Google Drive do?

Google Drive is a cloud storage service, and what Google Drive's main function is to take some of the burden off your hard drive. クラウド ストレージは、ファイルを独自のリモート サーバー (または「クラウド」) にアップロードし、コンピューターのスペースを解放することで機能します。. This will help leave more space on your device for more important things, like big apps and games.

However, cloud services offer more advantages over other storages. ファイルがクラウドにある場合、インターネット接続がある限り、どこにいてもどのデバイスからでもファイルにアクセスできます。 Plus, you can also share them with others, which opens up new avenues for online collaboration.

What's the function of Google Drive to stop there?

File Sharing

What is the function of Google Drive only to save files? Of course not. Google Drive allows users to share the files they save with others, even in large sizes.
You can also invite others to view, comment, and edit files or folders that you store in Google Drive. It is a form of online collaboration that makes things easier.
The method is quite easy. After you upload the file to your Google Drive, you can share it via the link or links provided by Google.

Editing Files

Google ドライブの次の機能はファイルの編集です. With Google Drive, you can edit various types of files such as Word, Excel, or Power Point.

The edits you make will be directly saved to your Google Drive. In addition, you can also create new files or worksheets through this Google Drive.

Not only via PC, you can use this feature with your smart phone. You can access it for free anytime and anywhere.

Making Notes

In addition to using applications that are already installed on your computer or phone, you can actually use Google Drive to take notes of something important. With Google Keep, you can keep your notes in Google Drive.

This is because Google Keep can integrate with Google Drive which allows you to save all the notes you take. There is no need for a note-taking application or taking notes manually with paper.

Save Link

You may have tried looking for a link that was previously opened, but couldn't find it. To prevent this from happening again, you can save a link from a site using Google Drive.

既存の Google ドライブ拡張機能を Google Chrome にインストールするだけです。. Then click the triangle icon in the browser to save the link you are currently opening. または、リンクがページの中央にある場合は、リンクを右クリックし、[リンクを Google ドライブに保存] を選択して保存できます。.

Backup File

What happens if your computer or mobile device is damaged so you have to reset it, while the data in it has not been backed up on the flash or hard drive? Or when you have backed up on physical storage but the storage is infected with a virus?

This of course upsets us. To prevent this, Google Drive can help you by backing up all the documents on your computer and mobile device without using any physical storage.

Backup Chat WhatsApp

Apart from backing up important files on your computer, Google Drive can also back up your WhatsApp chats and media. So when you switch devices, your chat history and media on WhatsApp will not be lost because they have been transferred via Google Drive.

How to backup WhatsApp on Google Drive is also not complicated. Select Menu > Settings > Chats > Chat backup. Then select Backup to Google Drive and choose a backup frequency other than Never.

Select the Google account to use to back up your chat history. If you don't have a connected Google account, select Add account when prompted and enter your information. Keep in mind the Google account you used to create the backup.

Select Back up via to select the network you want to use to perform the backup. You can use a Wi-Fi network if the data being backed up is large.