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How to Make a 2022 Scientific Journal Publication Article

MR JIM : How to Make a 2022 Scientific Journal Publication Article : How to Make a Published Article Scientific journal- is a demand for teachers / teachers and even students in today's education, teachers and teachers must carry out scientific publications into one of the origins of learning. As regulated in Law Number 14 of the 2015 Teacher and Lecturer Discourse.

As for students, scientific publications generally mean one of the requirements to complete their education especially so that the requirements to take closed examinations and diplomas.

In addition, this is also regulated by the Minister of Research, Technology and Education Regulation no. 20 of 2017 Assignment of Professor of Professional Discourse Professor, which requires that teachers use the position of professor to produce scientific publications. Focus on scientific publications for teachers is prioritized for those who have various conferences and professors.

But that does not mean that various expert assistants and readers are not needed, because in the academic ranking proposal, the condition is to carry out the Tri Dharma higher education, another mistake is to carry out research. The origin of research results used in scientific publications, with the aim of sharing science, technology, and distribution to citizens.

The article that the author wants to try develops knowledge about scientific journal discourse. Before you have to run a scientific journal, take a look at what a scientific journal is.

What is a scientific journal?

Scientific journals/magazines are publications of scientific articles that are planned to be published by academic organizations or forums. The problem is usually out of sync from every magazine, some are published monthly, for four months, for six months and/or per year.

At Layman, the types of articles published are of consequence research or literature reviews. The purpose of publication in this magazine is to create knowledge about the discourse of research results, this can be used into certificates for other researchers who have similar examinations.

At Layman, the format for articles written in scientific journals consists of titles, summaries, ta'aruf, methods, consequences, discussions, conclusions, and bibliographies. Regarding the composition of magazine articles, it will be discussed in the Subdisción afterwards.

How to write a beautiful magazine/Journal?

Writing a beautiful magazine article certainly requires advice so that the article can be received quickly and published by the editor, and is worthy of reference for future investigations.

Some suggestions that you can apply for writing scientific magazine articles.choose the purpose of the magazine, change the introductory summary, modify the introduction, shorten the preparation of theses, theses and dissertations, improve the methods section, inform the main findings, limit references, clear and complete discussion.

But in a layman, a quality article should at least have a clear statement of the problem under study, proposed solutions and consequences that reveal new findings from previous research.

What are the pages of a scientific journal?

The number of pages of scientific journals is of course changed according to the points put forward in the article, in Layman, the number of pages used is 8-12 pages, but there are also less than 8 and more origins, it all depends on the editor.

Especially for scientific magazine managers in Indonesia, each topic should ideally have 100 pages in each publication volume, to get points in the journal system accreditation (Arjuna). While the number of articles published in each volume is at least five articles.

What is the format of documents from scientific journals?

The paper format used by scientific journal articles usually uses A4 paper size using a portrait position. In general, the column format used consists of 2, generally there are those that use columns and there are also 2 columns.

What is the structure of a scientific magazine article?

1. Title

Every scientific journal article must have a clear title related to what you are studying. The title will provide peace for the reader to find the essence of the article.

The recommended number of words in the Indonesian title is not more than 12 terms and no more than 10 words for English magazines. The title is written in average and printed in bold.

Below the title is the name of the author (author) written with the academic title, then accompanied by the name of the affiliation, and it is recommended to enter an email address.

2. Compendium

The formless part of the origin of articles about scientific journals is the essence that describes the contribution, inspiration, findings or results, and describes the results of the findings.

In formless writing, avoid using abbreviations, footnotes, mathematical equations, diagrams, tables and affidavits.

We recommend that in formless writing, pay attention to writing elements such as word count, line spacing, language selection, main determination, foreign language arrangement, number of paragraphs, writing short, solid and clear sentences.

The compendium is written in paragraphs of 150-200 words ideally. It is recommended to present an abstract using the following elements:
  • Establish the primary purpose of the article manuscript;
  • Say benefits or contributions;
  • Provide conceptual inspiration for this method;
  • Describe the research design and mechanism/procedure used;
  • Delivering consequences and conclusions;

What are the implications for future examinations?

In addition, in the summary section, three to five terms are listed, taken from the nucleus for discussion in this study.

3. Introduction

In the introduction department, state the context of the research and set the objectives of the investigation. The introduction generally consists of 3 parts, namely the background, the problem and the proposed solution.

The introductory section reveals why the investigation was carried out, describes the dilemma, connects with theories that have relevance to the subject under study. In general, the introduction includes several certificates (magazine articles) to support this section.

4. Method

This section should reveal a series of things related to the methods used in research, such as experimental design, tools used, data collection methods, system development methods and testing methods. You must state clearly so that the reader can know.

5. Results and Discussion

The results are a section that describes the most crucial findings, including appropriate future analyzes and comparisons using the results of other studies. This section is generally supported by the reference intended to compare the results of research using models or theories in previous studies.

6. Conclusion

The conclusion means a summary of what will happen in the research, which contains brief information so that the reader can find out the advantages and the methods used, usually in this section includes suggestions for future investigations.

How to find a good reputation diary?

Scientific journal articles used as certificates are mandatory as long as they come from a good reputation editor, one of the parameters of a good reputation magazine that has been accredited nationally or internationally.