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How to See Youtuber Salary From Adsense [ACCUTE] + How to Calculate

How to See Youtuber Salary From Adsense [ACCUTE] + How to Calculate

MR JIM : Curious to know how much Youtuber's salary is? You can use this method of viewing the following Youtuber salaries to find out the income of other Youtubers, both beginners and well-known, who have 1 million and even 2 million subscribers, both in Indonesia and in other countries. Check out the following!

Please note, there are actually several ways that are commonly used to earn income from the Youtube channel. Among them are from selling products, endorsements, affiliate marketing, and from Google Adsense. Well this time we will focus on checking Youtuber income from Adsense.

How to View Youtuber's Salary

It's no secret, by simply uploading videos on Youtube, people can earn even large amounts of income. Therefore, it is not surprising that many are curious to know how to see Youtuber salaries accurately.

Some of the questions that often arise include how much is the salary of Indonesian beginner Youtubers? How much is the salary of a Youtuber with 1 million subscribers? What is the salary of a Youtuber with 2 million subscribers? How to view and calculate Youtuber's income on Android, iPhone, laptop, PC or computer? Etc.

How to See Adsense Youtuber Salary

To know the exact salary of Youtuber is actually quite easy. There is a website that specifically reviews all Youtube channels ranging from topics, number of videos, number of subscribers, to income. This site also provides daily, weekly and monthly income data from Youtube.

How to check income (youtuber salary) from Adsense
  • Go to this site from here
  • Wait for the page to open
  • Pay attention to the search box
  • It is located in the upper right corner
  • Write the name of the channel you want to check the earnings for
  • Press Enter
  • Wait a moment
  • Youtube will display the channel data
  • You can see how much Youtuber's salary is
  • Done
As we said above, you can not only find out how much Indonesian and foreign Youtubers earn, but you can also see the number of subscribers, estimated monthly Youtube income, number of video views in the last month, subscriber development and number of views, etc.

In terms of income, you can also find out how much your monthly income is, how much is the estimated salary of a Youtuber for a year, daily income, weekly Youtuber salary, to income in the last 30 days. But the income here is only an estimate, although sometimes it is also accurate.

How to Calculate Youtuber Income

To be able to start making money from Youtube through Google Adsense, currently there are regulations where you must have 1000 subscribers and 4000 watch hours. After meeting these requirements, your channel will be reviewed by Youtube. If you pass, you can start earning a salary.

To calculate salaries from Youtube, there are usually 2 things that are used as benchmarks. The first is CPM or Cost Per Mile. What this means is the income you can earn per 1000 ad impressions. The second is CPC, which is the money you earn when someone clicks on an ad.

How to calculate income from Youtube, of course, also has other factors. Namely from the number of clicks on ads. In essence, the greater the CPM, CPC, and the number of clicks, the higher the Youtube income obtained will also be.

Youtube Earnings Apart from Adsense

In fact, not all Youtube channels can pass the Google Adsense review. Many channels are also rejected because they do not comply with Youtube regulations or for other reasons. So take it easy, because as discussed above, there are several other sources of income that you can use on Youtube.


One example of an endorsement program is when a Youtuber promotes a product in the video content he creates. This promotion can be done at the beginning of the video, in the middle or at the end. Can also be done several times in 1 video. There are even videos made for product promotion.

This promotional action is usually a request from the product owner. Channels that have a large number of subscribers will usually often get an endorsement offer compared to channels with a small number of subscribers.

To get an endorsement offer, the topic of a channel is also very influential. For example, you can create a channel about beauty to get endorsements from owners of make-up and beauty equipment products. Make sure the channel you create is related to a specific product.

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing systems are usually associated with product marketing. To make money from the internet, you don't have to have your own product because you can become an affiliate. You can market other people's products and when you successfully sell those products from your channel, you can earn commissions on those sales.

Usually you will be given a referral code. With this code, affiliate marketing product owners will find it easier to track sales to calculate commissions from each affiliate.


In addition to some of the ways above, you can also use Youtube media to sell. There are various kinds of products that can be sold via video. Both physical products and digital products. For physical products, you can even sell without having to own the product. How to become a dropshipper.

For digital products, you can also sell online courses and the like. You can create review content of your product. You can also make problem solving videos, with your product being the solution to existing problems.

Now with this review of how to see Youtuber's salary, of course you are no longer curious about how much income and salary for Indonesian beginner Youtubers and well-known Youtubers like Ria Ricis. You can check the salary of Youtuber 1 or 2 million subscribers very easily. Good luck!