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Code Script SITEMAP Blogger (Blogspot)

Code Script SITEMAP Blogger (Blogspot) | MR JIM ブログインデックス、ブロガー、ブログスポット、ウェブサイトを加速するには

サイトマップは、多くのURLまたはサイト上のすべてのリンク/ URLのリストを含むサイト上の情報のコレクションです。. サイトマップ自体は、検索エンジンがWebサイトの新しいURLにすばやくインデックスを付けるためのマップとして機能します。.

Not only links are found on the sitemap, but there is also metadata. Metadata is information that includes the last time you updated your website and how often your website was updated.

Because of this Sitemap, Search Engines or search engines like Google, Bing, and Yandex will be able to find every URL on your blog or site easily, which will have an impact on whether or not content is indexed quickly on search pages. Therefore Sitemap is very vital for SEO optimization (Search Engine Optimization).

In the following, MR JIM will explain how to create a blog sitemap to speed up your website index.

Code Script SITEMAP Blogger (Blogspot) | MR JIM : This is a Blogger SITEMAP Code Script (Blogspot) to make a blog website indexed quickly in the eyes of google. Now , go to the page and create a page, then copy the script below.
Code Script SITEMAP Blogger (Blogspot) | MR JIM 
Change Domain Name : this with your domain name .

例 Click Here 

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