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Database Deployment: Synchronizing Database Structures

Database Deployment: Synchronizing Database Structures

The development and deployment of a new database is never easy. Manual synchronization of new database structures revisions with an already running system can become a nightmare. If your assignment includes changes to the structure of an existing database, your task execution options without disturbing the workflow are limited. Read this article and discover the tools you will need to synchronize much easier than ever database structures.

The obvious way

The simplest and most obvious way to synchronize two databases would be to delete the old database and create new structures in addition. If you save the data before deleting the old database and restore it from the backup after the finished update, you could get out of it. However, this approach is unacceptable in many environments because it disrupts the workflow and does not provide reasonable security.


The coding of a set of SQL instructions and the execution of the client side script is a better idea, but always has many weaknesses because it consumes a developer for routine operations and opens the possibility of errors . If you improve a database to a new version, you need to apply all the intermediate fixes, introducing many more possibilities for something to go wrong.

The easy way

By thinking logically, you can buy a specialized synchronization tool, install it on the developer side and distribute it between customers. This allows a certain period of time, but the method is expensive and often requires paying the licenses on the customer side.

The right way

If you do not wish to code all the updates manually and you do not want to distribute third -party software to perform updates with your application, plan to implement the necessary update features in your own application. The integrated functionality will manage structural updates and upgrades of the database directly from your application.

Database Restyle - Library by Perpetuum Software LLC ( automatizes the complex process of database synchronization as much as possible without the drawbacks associated with most third -party solutions. Database RESTYLE accumulates directly in your application, eliminating the need to execute external applications or to distribute separate solutions to your customers.


Database RESTYLE performs the most complex updates of the database structures, allowing both a fully automated and manually controlled operation. The restyle database can be used in a wide variety of cases. It can synchronize the two databases, but it is not limited to that. Database RESTYLE works with other entities next to databases, such as business objects, and supports the LINQ to SQL model.

An intuitive visual environment allows Database RESTYLE to take instantaneous database structures, as well as to analyze, compare and synchronize the databases. The execution of Database restyle as an assistant allows developers and database administrators to solve typical tasks without coding by simply clicking on the mouse. Complete support for the command line allows you to take snapshots and update the databases from the command line.

Database RESTYLE - The library is in the process of integrating directly into your application, freeing you from all the obligations and concerns about the code. The use of Database RESTYLE does not require any additional license fees, allowing you to save on customer licenses.

Manage synchronization and updates of the database in the right way.